Friday, July 23, 2010

Matilda Jane Clothes are Adorable!

Ted from HOGL emailed us on Tuesday night confirming that they received the hard copy of our home study. That was great news! He was also asking why we were requesting a baby girl. Greg and I have talked and prayed about adoption for years now and we both feel that the Lord wants us to adopt a baby girl from Asia. One reason being, since we have been involved with the Free Chains project through World Causes, we've felt led to adopt from Asia to help fight the injustice of sex trafficking. We realize that sex trafficking is a major issue in many areas of the world, Asia being one of the highest. We tried our best to explain that to HOGL and are praying that can see our hearts and reasoning behind our request for a daughter and realize that we aren't just being picky. We haven't been matched yet. I heard from the grape vine that they may have an unmatched baby boy at HOGL now. We are trying to be patient and continue to pray each day for our daughter.

We are currently in ATL so Greg could help out with the Do Good conference. My sister in law has introduced me the the cutest baby clothes ever! There is this lady who designs super cute and trendy baby clothes called Matilda Jane. I love almost all of them. They are a little pricey and you can't buy them online unless there is a sale. They have home shows like Pampered Chef or you could find some some of them on ebay. Here is the website to check them out. I will definitely be recommending these clothes to clients who have little girls who don't know what to wear for a photo-shoot! Here is a link to her website:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good and Bad...

We still haven't heard much from HOGL. I recently went to Nightlight to get more original copies of our home study. I didn't realize we would need so many. I picked up four on Wednesday, 1 original and 3 that we will mail to hogl when they ask us to. Our good news was were scheduled for finger printing appointment in the mail from the department of homeland security yesterday. We go in to the Charlotte office on August 6th at 8:00 am. I am glad it was Charlotte and not Charleston because we can stay with Laura, Grae and all the nieces and nephews for the night. The bad news we found out yesterday is we will have to do an addendum to our home study since we added our new Darley member to the family. We got our pig named Pog last week. He is very sweet and active. Even though I contacted the orphanage and said we wouldn't need to change anything and our home study was fine, the adoption agency we are going through said otherwise. They said If there are any changes in our household it has to be reported by law in our home study. So...we are out $100 and Nightlight has to resend our home study to DSS, homeland security,etc. But, I don't think it will hold up the adoption process much if at all. So that is good news too! Please pray that we will hear from HOGL soon with a match. We are ready for our baby girl to come home!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back from Vactation

We just got back a few hours ago from our Western road trip with our friends the Halls. We had a lot of laughs, made a lot of memories and experienced some crazy things. The trip was really fun but we are glad to be home. It seemed like everywhere we went in California, Utah, Houston, etc. there were adorable little Asian girls all over the place, which made us stop and smile. It's so fun to think about our baby and how she is doing, how big she's getting....

No real news as far as being matched yet. All we've heard was there had been a glitch in the computer at the Home of God's Love Orphanage and their computer crashed. As of now, they haven't been able to open up our home study on their computer yet due to all the issues. We are trying to be patient as we're waiting to be matched with our baby girl. Please keep praying.