Friday, July 16, 2010

Good and Bad...

We still haven't heard much from HOGL. I recently went to Nightlight to get more original copies of our home study. I didn't realize we would need so many. I picked up four on Wednesday, 1 original and 3 that we will mail to hogl when they ask us to. Our good news was were scheduled for finger printing appointment in the mail from the department of homeland security yesterday. We go in to the Charlotte office on August 6th at 8:00 am. I am glad it was Charlotte and not Charleston because we can stay with Laura, Grae and all the nieces and nephews for the night. The bad news we found out yesterday is we will have to do an addendum to our home study since we added our new Darley member to the family. We got our pig named Pog last week. He is very sweet and active. Even though I contacted the orphanage and said we wouldn't need to change anything and our home study was fine, the adoption agency we are going through said otherwise. They said If there are any changes in our household it has to be reported by law in our home study. So...we are out $100 and Nightlight has to resend our home study to DSS, homeland security,etc. But, I don't think it will hold up the adoption process much if at all. So that is good news too! Please pray that we will hear from HOGL soon with a match. We are ready for our baby girl to come home!

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