Friday, February 25, 2011

Not Much News

Well we have been praying LOTS for the case worker who had been assigned to Rylyn's case to go visit the birth mom and send in the final paperwork to the judge. The orphanage called the case worker last week and we were were told the case had been assigned and that they were hoping for it to be completed last week. When we called the orphanage tonight we were told that they have tried getting ahold of the case worker again yesterday and had not heard back. They left a message for her. We know that the judge has still not received the needed paperwork that can only come from the case worker. Please pray that the case worker will do her job and the judge will process the papers quickly. Once these final papers are in, we can start looking at flights. We may only have a week's notice for when we can fly. We did hear that the twins who had the same court date as Rylyn, did get their final paperwork back from the case worker this past week. We are very happy for them. We are praying for good news and hoping to hear some soon.

Please pray for Ted, who helps run the orphanage that his back will feel better.

Please also pray for the orphanage that they will be able to raise enough money to make the necessary changes that they need to make. There is a big meeting in April coming up where the government is meeting with them to make updates and changes in the orphanage. This will cost a great deal of money, over $2 million US dollars. The orphanage never asks or requests money from anyone, they just trust that God will provide. If you would like to help support this amazing orphanage, please let me know. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little more clarification

After being somewhat discouraged yesterday with the news of having to wait another 2 to 3 months, today I am doing a little better. I called the orphanage again last night to actually speak with Ted and find out a little more information about Rylyn. We did find out that she is in fact the only child. Rylyn's mom had her and her alone when she was 24. At the court date last Tuesday the birth mom filled out that Rylyn was her one and only child. After speaking with Ted he emailed to say that his secretary did a little investigation and was able to locate the government office in Tainan responsible for doing Rylyn’s birth mother’s social welfare report that has to be turned into our judge here before she will pass on the adoption. The good news is that he spoke with someone in charge who said they had just received the court notice to go to Rylyn’s birth mother’s home and do the investigative report. They promised to assign someone to the case this week and try to get it done this week. It would be so great if the judge could receive both reports by the end of next week at least! We are praying for this to happen but know that every adoption case is different so we're trying hard not to get our hopes up too much and just trusting in God's timing.

We did find out for sure that we will need to get our passports certified by the clerk of court, SOS and TECO in order for Rylyn to be able to receive a passport when that time comes. We are going to try and start working on that tomorrow. As far as the birth mother changing her mind and taking Rylyn is still possible but not very likely. Even though she signed the paperwork saying she couldn't contest the adoption, if she changes her mind, the judge leaves it up to the orphanage to make the final decision. The orphanage is there to help the mothers and not make them feel like they are stealing their babies so if that does happen (we are praying that is doesn't) The orphanage would most likely give her back to the birth mother.

We keep hearing about what a happy and giggly baby Rylyn is and how her laugh is infectious. We just can't wait...even though we have to. ; )

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Up and Down and all Around...

Man...every time we call to check on Rylyn we never know what we will find out. We were super excited on Tuesday because we were told that Rylyn's mom showed up to the court date, signed all the papers and even signed the papers given up her right to contest the adoption. However, due to Chinese New Year, neither the orphanage or the birth mom had received a visit from the government social worker who has to file a report for the judge before the judge will pass on the adoption.

When we called this morning to check on Rylyn we found out that she is in size 2 diapers, she is wearing 6 to 9 month clothing, She was given shots at her 1 month, 2 month, 4 month and 6 month check ups. We were told last time we called that she had been spitting up a lot. They switched her formula to lactose free and she is doing much better with eating, not much spitting up at all. As far as her baby food eating, she has now tried pears, apples, bananas, spinach, carrots and mashed potatoes mixes with rice cereal and a little water and blended together. I asked about if she likes a pacifier and they told us that she really would rather play with it than suck on it. We found out that she is sleeping through the night. She sleeps from 8pm-5am. Yay! Her bedtime is about 8pm but it takes her a bit to fall asleep. She is like Greg in that area. They also told us that she doesn't care for toys too much. She throws rattles on the ground but she likes to hold and look at books a lot and she also likes to look at herself in the mirror. Greg was excited about the book part. (Like her daddy again)

We found out this morning that because of a new law that we need to get our passports certified. now we will need to go to the Clerk of Court, SOS and TECO to get our passports certified. We are hoping to work on that this week and have it done by early next week. We have to have that done to apply for Rylyn's passport when that time comes.

This part we are a little confused about... Last time we called we heard that Rylyn's had three other sisters and brothers. Now we are not so sure. We were told this time that Rylyn’s birth mother has never been married before and does not have any other children. Rylyn is her first and only child. Her birth mother was 24 years old when Rylyn was born and she said the man was 47, which is probably 46 the way we count time. He is also a married man with 3 children of his own. We do not know his name which is actually better because they don’t have to track him down and get notarized papers. They orphanage does have the birth mother’s notarized papers stating she doesn’t think the birth father will ever take any responsibility for Rylyn. That releases us, AIT (the American Institute in Taiwan) and us from any further liability or responsibility toward the birth father.

We found out that the social worker did come Friday to the orphanage to do the report on us for the judge. She said she would try to get the report in this week. However, they have no idea who the social worker is for Tainan or who will go to the birth mother’s home to do a report about her for the judge. Until both of these reports are in to the judge, a verdict on the adoption will not be forth coming. It is because of this that we were aren't supposed to post anything on face book or tell people that everything is okay. We were just told that. Tainan is infamously slow at getting their reports done, so it could still be 2 months from now before the judge even hears from them, to say nothing of how much longer it will take to get the civil court decree and final civil court decree. They still don't know what to expect.

We were also told when Rylyn's mom visited she asked a lot of questions about us and wanted our address. They did not give it to her. It will however be in the civil decree when it comes. When Rylyn's mom visted Rylyn at the orphanage she took lots of pictures of Rylyn. It was close to nap time were we told that Rylyn never seemed to connect with her that day. A gentleman brought the birth mom to the orphanage. They asked is he was the birth father and he denied he was. The birth mom said the man was her boss at work and he encouraged Rylyn’s birth mother that she had made the correct decision to give Rylyn for adoption to us. We were also told that Rylyn's birth mom is beautiful and we should hopefully get a picture of her. We are still waiting and praying.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best New Yet!

So...the court date was last night for us at 9:00pm and this morning at 10am in Taiwan and it went GREAT! We have been thanking Jesus all day long! Greg could barely sleep last night. I wish I could say the seem but...I can always sleep no matter what. ; ) One of my gifts Greg is jealous of. Anyway, Ted emailed me around 2am saying that Rylyn’s birth mother came to court today and gave her consent for Rylyn to be adopted by us! She also gave up her right to contest the adoption so that will make the paperwork go faster once the judge passes on the adoption. The only sad news was, due to the Chinese New Year, neither she nor we have received a visit from the government social worker who has to file a report for the judge before the judge will pass on the adoption. We haven't gotten word on an exact date yet but we've heard a ball park range of 3 to 7 weeks from now. Wahoo!! I'm wanting time to fly!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Court Date

Well...the court date is just two days away. I was mixed up on the timing. The court date will take place in Taiwan on February 8th at 10am. That means it will be February 9th at 10pm for us in the US. I think that is right. ; ) We will say we were super bummed to find out that after the court date is could still take 2-3 more months until all the paperwork is processed and the AIT appointment is set. However, we were warned by some friends who have already adopted that the orphanage tends to give you the worst case scenario. We are very much hoping this is the case.

I know Greg and I will feel much more at peace once the court date is completed. We are trying to get one step over with at a time. The wait is getting harder and harder though. Once the court date is completed it will be nice to know that Rylyn is 100% ours! This has been an emotional roller coaster but I know it will be worth every minute of it...

I think i have lost count of how many times I have gone into Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby just to look around because it reminds me of Rylyn. Greg has been sweet to come with me most of these visits. I'm pretty sure he is getting tired of going to baby stores on every date night. ; )

My awesome teacher friends are throwing us a teacher shower late Tuesday afternoon. I don't know how people can afford all this baby stuff without the help of sweet and generous family and friends! We are SO thankful that we aren't in this alone.