Friday, October 29, 2010


Greg posted this today on his blog and I thought it was very good truth to remember no matter what circumstance your going through or stage of life you are in:

If you were never told no, would yes matter as much?

If every door you knocked on were opened, would the next door be as meaningful?

If there was no delay between prayer and answer, would you do it as much?

I hate waiting. I hate closed doors. And I hate lag time between prayer and answer. But, I think that’s where we find God. He’s behind the no because he knows a better yes. He’s not opening one door because they next one is better. He’s not answering the prayer yet because He has our best in mind. God is in the delay.

We’ve been waiting what seems like forever to be matched with the baby girl we are adopting. We pray for her every night. We’re praying for God to open the door today. Thus far, there’s been no answer yet. But, I know God is working in the delay. I know he has the perfect baby girl to bring into our family. But waiting is not fun. Closed doors hurt. But I know that the tears we’ve cried and the prayers we’ve prayed will be that much sweeter when we finally get the “Yes”. (We would love to have your prayers too!)

If you’re waiting, or knocking, or praying with no answer yet…keep going. God is in the delay with you.

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  1. Ummm I totally needed to see that post Betsey. Thanks for sharing it! It was very encouraging.