Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful in waiting

Well just to give everyone a little update....we are still waiting. It's not easy but it is incredibly comforting knowing that Rylyn is being loved well. I couldn't have dreamed of a more amazing orphanage and people to love her until we are able to bring our daughter home. Chris and Amy you guys have been an answer to prayer. Thank for all your help though everything. You have made the waiting game so much easier. Jennifer, thank you so much for helping take care of our baby girl! Sigh...I'm so thankful for all the times you have been able to hold her, rock her, make her smile, laugh and comfort her when she cries. We love you guys!

All that to say we haven't heard anything since November 5th. The day after match day we were emailed the power of attorney which we got witnessed and notarized and emailed back the same day. From my understanding we are waiting on papers from Taiwan to bring to the TECO office in Atlanta. As soon as we get those papers signed and filled out we will drive them to Atlanta to save a little bit of time. We were told the average wait until we are able to fly to Taiwan will be about 4 months. We are hoping it will be sooner.

We are hoping to meet up with some friends we met though the adoption process tomorrow night. We can't wait to meet their baby girl that they already adopted from the HOGL! They are also in the process of adopting her brother and will get to travel to Taiwan in a few weeks to go keep their son! We are so excited for you guys. They've even been sweet enough to take Rylyn's care package to her in person. Wahoo! Your first Christmas outfit, piggy blanket, taggie blanket, photo book and build a bunny will be on their way soon Rylyn!


  1. HEY!! That is so exciting to hear your care package will be there soon!!! Very cool that you were able to do a build a bunny, it will be something special for her. You guys are going to be wonderful parents and we can't wait for you to go to Taiwan, it's an amazing trip. Let us know if you need anything!!

  2. Waiting during the holidays can sometimes be frustrating, but when you're in Taiwan and holding your beautiful daughter in your arms, it will have been worth it. Can't wait to follow your journey.

  3. You're SO welcome! I'm so glad I'm able to take care of her!! She's the sweetest little baby :)