Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Update

We called Taiwan last night to check on Rylyn. Skype is only 2.2 cents a minute to call so we signed up for that. ; ) We got Rylyn's January update from the orphanage. They told us that Rylyn is doing much better playing by herself. She can sit in a Bumbo, facing the toy box, and play with the toys for quite a while. She also has her 4th tooth coming in! Most babies don't have teeth at all until a little later on. I can't believe she will already be 6 months old this month! We were told that some colds have been going through the house again and Rylyn has a bit of a runny nose. (which may be partially due to teething) So she, like others, are on medicine and they're all improving. We heard it has been cold this week and the babies all have extra layers of clothes and blankets on.
We were told that Rylyn is a very smily baby and she loves to squeal this high pitch squeal and break out into a huge smile when you talk to her. We are waiting for the home study translation paperwork to get done and are praying that it goes quickly.


  1. Hey guys, She looks so good and healthy. We called there a few nights ago too. The mentioned the colds going around and the extra layers too, but we know they are in great hands. We're praying so hard that your paperwork gets done VERY soon!! We can't believe she has 4 teeth already, she's only 2 weeks older than Ava is and she doesn't have any in yet, but we're pretty sure the first one will be in very soon.
    Praying and thinking of you guys a lot.
    God bless,
    Chris, Amy, & Ava

  2. She is amazing! We love the pictures and the update.