Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting for TECO papers

My awesome husband took care of all Rylyn's paperwork. He got everything done at the SOS office in Columbia this past Friday and overnighted the rest of the paperwork to the TECO office in Atlanta. We assumed TECO is closed since it is MLK day but we paid for overnight shipping for when TECO finishes the paperwork. Then we will send all the paperwork back to the orphanage and wait for a court date to be set. We are hoping and praying the court date will be sometime in February. After the court date is complete.....we will go get our baby girl! The wait is getting harder and harder. It is especially hard since there is nothing we can do but pray and wait. Please pray that Greg and I will use this time to connect better and God will teach us how to trust him more during this time. Optimistically thinking, we could have our baby girl by February?!!

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  1. Wouldn't that just be the best Valentine's Day present ever?!?!?!

    Much love,
    Future Mama