Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Best New Yet!

So...the court date was last night for us at 9:00pm and this morning at 10am in Taiwan and it went GREAT! We have been thanking Jesus all day long! Greg could barely sleep last night. I wish I could say the seem but...I can always sleep no matter what. ; ) One of my gifts Greg is jealous of. Anyway, Ted emailed me around 2am saying that Rylyn’s birth mother came to court today and gave her consent for Rylyn to be adopted by us! She also gave up her right to contest the adoption so that will make the paperwork go faster once the judge passes on the adoption. The only sad news was, due to the Chinese New Year, neither she nor we have received a visit from the government social worker who has to file a report for the judge before the judge will pass on the adoption. We haven't gotten word on an exact date yet but we've heard a ball park range of 3 to 7 weeks from now. Wahoo!! I'm wanting time to fly!


  1. OOOH BOY! Another step down ;-) Exciting times!!!

  2. I was praying she'd give up her right to contest, things will go much faster now! So happy for you guys! Breathe and don't forget to do whatever you want to do while you're "just the two of you" sounds ridiculous now, but soon you'll wish you had!