Monday, February 14, 2011

A little more clarification

After being somewhat discouraged yesterday with the news of having to wait another 2 to 3 months, today I am doing a little better. I called the orphanage again last night to actually speak with Ted and find out a little more information about Rylyn. We did find out that she is in fact the only child. Rylyn's mom had her and her alone when she was 24. At the court date last Tuesday the birth mom filled out that Rylyn was her one and only child. After speaking with Ted he emailed to say that his secretary did a little investigation and was able to locate the government office in Tainan responsible for doing Rylyn’s birth mother’s social welfare report that has to be turned into our judge here before she will pass on the adoption. The good news is that he spoke with someone in charge who said they had just received the court notice to go to Rylyn’s birth mother’s home and do the investigative report. They promised to assign someone to the case this week and try to get it done this week. It would be so great if the judge could receive both reports by the end of next week at least! We are praying for this to happen but know that every adoption case is different so we're trying hard not to get our hopes up too much and just trusting in God's timing.

We did find out for sure that we will need to get our passports certified by the clerk of court, SOS and TECO in order for Rylyn to be able to receive a passport when that time comes. We are going to try and start working on that tomorrow. As far as the birth mother changing her mind and taking Rylyn is still possible but not very likely. Even though she signed the paperwork saying she couldn't contest the adoption, if she changes her mind, the judge leaves it up to the orphanage to make the final decision. The orphanage is there to help the mothers and not make them feel like they are stealing their babies so if that does happen (we are praying that is doesn't) The orphanage would most likely give her back to the birth mother.

We keep hearing about what a happy and giggly baby Rylyn is and how her laugh is infectious. We just can't wait...even though we have to. ; )

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  1. So Rylyn is from Tainan? That's where Mei-Li is from! Glad to hear you got some clarification, it helps when you understand more about what is going on. We will pray you have good news this week!