Sunday, February 6, 2011

Court Date

Well...the court date is just two days away. I was mixed up on the timing. The court date will take place in Taiwan on February 8th at 10am. That means it will be February 9th at 10pm for us in the US. I think that is right. ; ) We will say we were super bummed to find out that after the court date is could still take 2-3 more months until all the paperwork is processed and the AIT appointment is set. However, we were warned by some friends who have already adopted that the orphanage tends to give you the worst case scenario. We are very much hoping this is the case.

I know Greg and I will feel much more at peace once the court date is completed. We are trying to get one step over with at a time. The wait is getting harder and harder though. Once the court date is completed it will be nice to know that Rylyn is 100% ours! This has been an emotional roller coaster but I know it will be worth every minute of it...

I think i have lost count of how many times I have gone into Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby just to look around because it reminds me of Rylyn. Greg has been sweet to come with me most of these visits. I'm pretty sure he is getting tired of going to baby stores on every date night. ; )

My awesome teacher friends are throwing us a teacher shower late Tuesday afternoon. I don't know how people can afford all this baby stuff without the help of sweet and generous family and friends! We are SO thankful that we aren't in this alone.


  1. No-- it's sooner! February 8th at 10am in Taiwan is February 7th at 10pm on the US east coast! So your court date is tomorrow night! Congratulations!

  2. Michelle is right; Taipei is AHEAD of us in time but actually, they are 13 hours ahead of South Carolina time right now (they will be 12 hours ahead of us when we start observing Daylight Saving Time). So your court date is at 9:00 pm tonight!

    You three have been on my heart the last few days and I've been praying for you all and the court date. Yes, they tend to give the worst case scenario; some of us have lived through that longer time frame but many have not, so try not to sweat it. Keep praying, keep dreaming and hang in there. The court date is a HUGE step and it's pretty much downhill from there...even if it takes awhile.

    Hugs & prayers from Columbia!