Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bedding Change of Mind...

I may have changed my mind on the bedding now. I was searching a bunch of different blogs this morning and found this nursery I really like. I may like it more than the elephant bedding that I already bought. This is though... Maybe I could take a poll on which one is cuter. Feel free to comment on which you like better. Here are the two choices:

I have decided either way I go I want to incorporate elephants. ;)


  1. I like both (especially the elephants--Landon has jungle bedding) but I like how the 2nd one isn't all matchy. You could still do that with the bedding you bought though!

  2. Haha, you sound like me. I change my mind about decor all the time!

    Putting in my vote: I like the *idea* of the new one better, but I feel like they didn't execute it very well. I bet you could do a better job with the color palette and style they used. :) Either way, they are both adorable. And like --^ said, the elephant bedding would be super cute mixed into the other one.

  3. Trying to help your mother...see if it goes through.

  4. I pick the pink and brown and take ideas from the other nursery. Hope I can come and help you with some of the decorating. Eddie the computer guy from school helped me so I now can post comments.
    love you both,

  5. I like it. I have decided to do a combo of both.

  6. I love the bedding you bought. Add the lighting fixture from the other room and a little color on the walls and it will be a bedroom for a princess!
    I stenciled a favorite poem on Carson's walls. I have a Cricket with lots of different fonts if you want to make your own poem/word stencils. I would love to help. You can also stencil on your curtains. And don't forget to put close up faces of family and friends--babies love faces.
    Let me know if I can help with anything, Julie