Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home study part one completed...check!

We finished the first part of the home study on June 1st. I think it went pretty well. We were asked a bunch of questions about our family, values, beliefs, etc. After a little over 3 hours, we were finished. Lisa and Erin were super great at making the process fun and comfortable. Now we are waiting for our home study report to be typed up to have our final meeting at the Nightlight office and then the papers will be sent to DSS and from there, Taiwan.

Greg and I drove to Orange Park today to surprise my parents. They got back from their Trafalgar trip (Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany)around midnight. Even with 30 plus hours of no sleep and they were still excited to see us.

We went yard saling in OP. Greg got the new google phone on Friday and it has this amazing garage sale ap that maps out all the yard sales in the area and gives you gps directions to each one. I love it! We hit about 40 yard sales in a fe hours. I found a really cute skirts, shirt, tights and pair of sandals I got for our baby girl. I will try to post picture of my fun finds tomorrow when we get back to SC.

Oh, we justed checked our banking statement and the check from our I-600A form was deposited. That's good news, now we know The Department of Homeland Security got our check. Just waiting on our letter to tell us to come to Charlotte or Charleston to get our fingerprints done. Still praying!

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