Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog attempt number 2

I just tried to post about the super cute fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby the other day, how we we painted an accent wall in the nursery brown, how we got a good deal got on some adorable clothes at Target since the sign was marked wrong and my new summer hobbies since I don't have 24 kids, teaching and the after school program filling up my time. It doesn't look like it saved though...

Oh well, here is attempt #2: I have enjoyed finding crafty projects to do around the house. I know I am jumping the gun with the nursery but it has been a fun time filler looking for fabrics, decorating, painting and finding nursery ideas. To clarify, neither of the posts on the blog are actually our nursery. They are just ideas I found of other nurseries that I liked. Ours will end up looking more like the second one though. I like all the colors. I bought 12 different miss-matchy fabrics from Hobby Lobby the other day that I am working together to go in the room. I am excited that Kim agreed to make pillow, a dust ruffle and recover this glider chair that I bought from a Pace Island yard sale 6 years ago. Sorry mom for stealing it back from you. I know you got pretty attached.

I am working on repainting this black end table we had in the room. Since there is no black in the room anymore we decided to go with yellow and a antique looking knob for the front. I have one more coat to do and I will post some pictures.

These are the cute Target outfits we got a deal on. I love them!

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  1. You are up WAY TOO EARLY for it not being "a school day"!!! Sleep in! Go to the pool;) Ha!Ha! See you in a few weeks!

    PS- I love the second nursery. Bright colors are the best!