Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Study Almost Done...

Greg and I both had to go to our doctor's offices to get our physicals done as part our home study process. Our doctors had to type up a letter saying we both mentally, physically and emotional sound and able to adopt. When Greg went to his appointment two Thursdays ago the printers were down at the doctor's office so Greg's sweet doctor wrote a handwritten letter for us to fax over to Nightlight. It turned out to be undated and a little hard to read so I had to go back to the doctor's office today and kindly ask for another one with the date and request that it be typed up this time. They were great about it though. Kelley was with me and we only had to wait about 15 minutes. So we did the word jumble and attempted a crossword puzzle while we waited. For some liability reason the doctor's office wasn't able to fax the letter to our adoption agency so I had to drive to my school to fax a copy. But, since there is all this crazy construction going on at my school, the landlines were down which fax machine. worked out well though because I went over to the Goforth's house for a quick visit and fabric drop off and they had a fax machine which they let me use. Side note: Kim, you're the greatest. Thanks again for agreeing to recover our glider chair! I can't wait to see it! So thanks to Chad, we were able to get the typed out letter to Nightlight's office today. When I got home from errands and meeting Boston's dog Cocoa, I checked my email to find out that we can come in for our final home study meeting on Monday or Tuesday of next week. That's what we were praying for before I have to go out of town!!! God is awesome! So yay...we're getting closer. Thanks Lisa and Erin for all your hard work and help on getting the home study done quickly.

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