Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arriving in Taiwan

After 28 plus hours we made it to the orphanage. We arrived to the home around 1:00am. We got to see our daughter and she is as beautiful as ever! We got some good news. We still haven't heard about the final paper that the birth mom said she sign so be praying for that but, Ted got an early approval to get Rylyn's passport done. He should be working on that today. We got to meet two of the birth parents of the babies here today because they are having their court dates. We have got to play with the babies all day. We took Rylyn and two other babies to the doctor today to get their shots. They all did very well. We woke up early today and met Rylyn. It was amazing. She has taken to us very well. She has been very smiley and hasn't cried really at all. It's crazy that this day is finally here!!! Please keep praying for us to be able to bring her home on the 13th. Love you!


  1. I told you she was a smiley baby ;)

  2. Hi Betsey. My name is Laura Wolfshorndl and we adopted our Grace from the Home of God's Love also. I just happened to be blog hopping today and saw your site. I kept skimming down until I saw Ted's name. I kept a blog until we got Grace then slacked off but I think I'm going to start up again. Where do you all live? I saw you were a "southern mama". I'm originally from Georgia. Anyway, I am happy that they let you out of the country with your sweet little girl. Did you know that we are having a reunion here in Joplin MO with the Skiles later this month?