Friday, April 15, 2011

We are home!

Just wanted to let you all know we are back HOME!!! Thank you so much for praying! I doubt it would have happened else wise. It is so good to be home! Rylyn did pretty well on the long flight home. She slept about 6 of the 16 hours on the flight from Hong Kong to JFK. After about 30 hours of total travel time she was wide awake by night time. We arrived home the 13th around 11:30pm our time (11:30am her time) and she was ready to play. It was nice having my parents and Greg's dad here to help. Rylyn is adjusting slowly. Her schedule is thrown off but we are working hard on getting her back and the sync of things. She went to the Foothills doctor today and did pretty well. She broke out in a big rash on the long plane ride which we thought was due to food allergies but it turned out to be bad dry skin. Rylyn can't wait to meet you! Bev (the woman who runs the orphanage) says she should be a movie star when she gets older because she is all drama. She is just precious. (Even when she keeps mommy and daddy up from 1-6am because she wants to play). ; )

Thank you all again!!

-betsey, greg and rylyn


  1. So glad you finally have your baby girl home!

  2. SO AWESOME! We would love to hear how it all went! We can't wait to get the email that they are accepting apps again. :)