Saturday, April 9, 2011

More craziness

Wow...this has been one of the most emotionally draining experiences of our lives. Up and down, up and down. We were told yesterday that the clerk who needed to do the final paper, her husband died yesterday so she wouldn't be working for the next few days. We prayed hard... and found that she had a replacement clerk coming and he was very understanding. Ted spoke with him and he said he would try to get Rylyn's papers ready asap. We were able to get her final papers tonight from the court house. This means Rylyn is officially ours! Yay! We are very thankful for that. The thing that is up in the air now is the American government is talking about having parts/offices close down this coming Monday. If this happens we won't be able to bring Rylyn home until the government reopens. The reason we wouldn't be able to bring her into the US. Is because we wouldn't be able to complete her AIT appointment scheduled on the 12th. The AIT appointment allows us to get her visa to bring her back to the us. If the US government does decide to close down as it has done 5 times in the usually doesn't reopen for 6 weeks. The government does this to save money. The last time this happened was when Clinton was president. Please, please, please, pray that the government will NOT close down on Monday. We are continuing to pray hard but very much need your prayers so we can bring our baby girl home. A lot has to happen for things to work out and for us to bring her home on the 13th. Thank you for praying so much for us.

betsey and greg

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